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- Effective Website Promotion
- Targeted Internet Marketing
- Guaranteed Web Visitors
- Increase Profitabilty



We only sell Wholesale Targeted Traffic.

When you buy targeted traffic from us, we will produce a steady stream of potential customers to your website.

Targeted traffic means a higher conversion to SALES and increased PROFITS.

Our Guaranteed Targeted Traffic is the highest quality, wholesale targeted traffic available:

Expired Domain Traffic
(redirected traffic from expired domain names).

*This targeted traffic is different than other wholesale traffic suppliers. When you buy targeted website traffic from us, we simply redirect traffic from a similar domain as yours, directly to your website. We NEVER use popups/unders.

Every targeted visitor we send to your site is a REAL person that will be redirected to and see your website in FULL PAGE VIEW and may be interested in your product or service!

Our Redirected Targeted Traffic is up to 300% more responsive than banners, popups, popunders etc.

Targeted Website Traffic options include your choice of over 160 different categories as well as Geography(country).


*With every campaign your website is visited and evaluated by an expert technician to ensure proper targeting so your site receives the best possible traffic.


24 Hour Unique Premium Targeted Visitors

This means the same visitor will not be counted towards your campaign more than once per day/24 hours, regardless of the number of times they might return to your site. Our system monitors every visitors IP for correct country origin and uniqueness. We guarantee it!

Real time Reporting Tools

All targeted website traffic purchases receive access to real-time web stats to track your campaign's progress. There you can see all your campaign information including number of visitors purchased, amount sent, start date, end date and the URL we'll direct your visitors to. You will also have the ability to PAUSE and RESTART your campaign, edit the Hourly Cap*(delivery rate) and Change your URL**.

You have complete control of your campaign!

* additional charges apply for Rush (7-10 day)delivery

** campaign goes 'pending'(temporarily paused) until new URL is approved

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We guarantee full delivery of the targeted visitors you purchased within the specified time. In the extreme rare case that we do not, we will refund you on a prorated basis. But that rarely happens, for indeed we usually over deliver.

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